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Move over chocolate – These trendy cake flavours are all the rage right now!

Move over chocolate

Cakes make any celebration more memorable. They are the sweet addition that brings smiles and satiate the taste buds. For a long time, chocolate cakes have dominated flavour preferences. However, a change is being seen these days with people opting for other cake flavours. If you have a celebration coming up, move over to chocolate and experiment with the newer and trendier cake flavours. Read on to know what exactly they are.

  • Indian fusion flavours –
    These days, Indian fusion flavours are quite trendy in cakes. You have the ever-popular rasmalai cakes. Then, the gulab jamun cakes are also hot favourites these days. The other Indian fusion flavours include the kulfi and the paan flavours. Choose any one of these quirky flavour combinations and you will have a lip-smacking cake with you.
  • Lemon and blueberry –
    A classic in the Western world, India is now slowly but surely warming up to this irresistible flavour. With a hit of tanginess from the lemon and the richness from the cream cheese frosting, the lemon and blueberry cake is a real delicacy.
  • Coffee –
    Coffee is a very popular beverage in India, so it isn’t surprising to see coffee cakes becoming a rage these days. They are just as rich and sinful as chocolate cakes, but they are very novel and allow you to have a cake in a slightly different flavour combination.
  • Rum and raisin –
    Rum ‘n’ raisin has been a much sought-after ice-cream flavour for a long, but now it is a very popular cake flavour too. The cake is doused in rum and loaded with plump, juicy raisins, making it absolutely delicious.
  • Salted caramel –
    This is a very new and unique flavour that bakers are now offering. Savoury desserts aren’t that big in India yet, but now the urban population is slowly but surely warming up to it. Give it a try if you want a really different and exclusive cake flavour.
  • Bubblegum –
    Bubblegum cakes are very popular among kids and so many kids’ birthday cakes are now being made in this flavour. Give this fun flavour a try and add a twist to your birthday cake!
  • Green mango –
    And finally, we have green mango. A completely unique cake flavour, this is best suited for those who love experimenting with their food. The burst of tanginess, balanced with a rich and sweet frosting adds layers of flavours to this wonderful cake. Try it and you will surely come back for another slice.

Choose any of these flavours and get a truly amazing cake for your next birthday or anniversary. Just remember to order the cake from a good baker because not everyone can make these trendy flavours with precision. If you want to give them a try, get your hands on a good recipe and get going! Enjoy the taste and then get set to be flooded with compliments from everyone who tastes the cake!

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