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Monthly Income Plans To Invest

Income Plans

Investment is a key component in your financial journey. When you invest properly, you ace the money game and can amass wealth quickly and healthily. However, investments are complicated and you need to do a lot of research, understand the conditions and then invest. If you invest randomly, you may not be able to meet your financial goals. Thankfully, there are some very good monthly income plans that you can invest in. These are low-risk investments and ideal for beginners and senior citizens. 

Take a look at this article to know more about the monthly income plans to invest in.

  1. Fixed deposit: 

    Fixed deposits are very good investment options. You can invest in a fixed deposit through your bank or any trusted NBFC. There are many types of fixed deposits, and you can opt to get a monthly payout from the FD investments as well. In such cases, the bank pays you the accumulated interest at regular intervals and that acts as a healthy source of income for you.

  2. SWP mutual funds:

    The Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) mutual funds are a great option for those who want a guaranteed income from their mutual fund investments. Here, you can choose a fixed amount to be paid out to you each month. On the day of the payment, the units corresponding to the specified value are redeemed and you get the payout. Since this is not dependent on yields, you get a steady income flow which acts as financial security for you.

  3. Post office monthly income scheme:

    The post offices in India offer various types of investment options. One of them is the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme. This is a handy and popular monthly investment scheme that you can consider exploring. Here, you invest an amount of money and they are paid an interest of over 7% on it. The interest is withdrawn each month and is paid out to you. This is another good and stable monthly income plan that you can consider investing in.

  4. Long-term Government bond:

    The long term government bonds are another very good platform where you can invest and get a regular payout. However, it is important to note here that the Long-term Government bonds payout only twice a year, which is every six months, unlike the monthly payments of the other investments listed above. However, the payment is fixed and you stand to earn a steady income from this safe and reliable investment.


These are some of the best investment options available if you are looking for a monthly income plan. The monthly income plans help people who don’t have a fixed income like retired people. Also, they act as a great source of secondary income for people of all ages. So look to have some monthly income plans in your portfolio. It will help you in your financial journey and will also help you to diversify your investments, something that is crucial to your financial success.

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