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Lifestyle Habits Secretly Increasing Your Cancer Risk

Lifestyle Habits

Cancer, the much dreaded C-word, can create havoc not only in the life of the patient but also in those around him. The disease takes a toll on the body and so does the treatment and this physical pain and the financial stress together just increase the suffering.

There are no definite causes of the disease but here are some lifestyle habits which increase the risk and make a person more prone to it. Let us talk about these:

  • Unhealthy Diet:

    Diet is the biggest problem for most lifestyle diseases and cancer is no exception. Processed foods, food with high sugar intake, and meats like red meat are unhealthy and thus, should be avoided. A diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is high in nutritional content and fibre which are needed for the proper functioning of the human body. There is no sure shot study that proves that an unhealthy diet will lead to cancer but the immunity system needs to be kept healthy and active to ward off any infection and for this, a healthy diet is needed.

  • High-Stress Levels:

    The mind rules the body and high-stress levels cause many issues in the human body. When a person has high-stress levels it increases the heart rate, increases the blood pressure, and also spikes the blood sugar levels. Stress also is a trigger for smoking and alcohol consumption, which have a negative impact on the immunity system. All these are high-risk causes of cancer and thus, should be kept in check.

  • Less Exercise:

    The human body is like a machine and it needs proper care to function properly. Food is fuel but exercise is what keeps it going. A sedentary lifestyle is a big no when it comes to keeping the body healthy. A few hours of exercise is a must for all and this reduces the risk of cancer. The intensity of the workout can be as per individual comfort, but exercising is a must as it helps keep immunity high and the risk of infection low.

  • Obesity:

    Obesity is one of the biggest causes of concern in both adults and kids. A sedentary lifestyle, excessive use of screens, and long working hours all contribute to weight issues apart from an unhealthy diet. Fat cells in the body impact the functioning of the body and increase the chances of the cells becoming cancerous. Thus, keeping a check on the diet and being mindful of exercise and stress are important to have a fit body.

The above lifestyle habits are a big issue in the present times. Apart from cancer, they increase the risk of many other lifestyle diseases which can be treated but they do have a long-term impact. Cancer is a disease that one dreads but taking care and ensuring a healthy lifestyle can take one a long way and reduce the risk of developing cancer.