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Is yoga an effective remedy for post-Covid care?

Covid care

Yoga is a very popular activity, not just in India, but all over the world. This is mainly because yoga helps to heal the body and the mind in a holistic manner. There are many ways in which yoga proves to be beneficial. One such way is in healing the body after COVID.

Yoga as post-Covid care
The novel coronavirus is a very potent and dangerous virus that causes widespread damage to various parts of the human body. Everything from the lungs to the digestive system to the immunity powers gets compromised after a Covid attack. This is why the recovery process is long and slow. Practising yoga at such a time is very useful as it allows your body and mind to heal in a comprehensive manner.

Yoga asanas for post-Covid care

  1. For the improvement of lung health
  2. Sukhasana is a very beneficial asana for lung care. It helps in proper breathing as well as stretching of the chest muscles. This leads to greater blood flow to your lungs. It also cleanses the lungs and pushes out the harmful toxins, thereby allowing you to breathe better. This is why Sukhasana has long been prescribed for patients who suffer frequently from cold and cough.

  3. For the improvement of the immunity system
  4. Several reasons contribute towards a weak immune system. Stress is one of the biggest contributors. Next, comes harmful toxins. Since both of these are in abundance when you get Covid, you need to practice asanas such as the Paschimottanasana and the Chakrasana. These asanas increase the blood flow in your body which allows you to detox and also flushes out the harmful toxins in great amounts. As a result, you see an improvement in your immune system too.

  5. For better digestion
  6. Dhanurasana is an excellent asana to improve your digestive health. This asana puts pressure on your abdominal muscles under which your entire digestive system lies. This helps to pump up the system and also increase the flow of white blood cells. Therefore, you digest your food in a better way and your body receives the nutrition it requires at this delicate time.

Yoga for better mental health post-Covid
Covid has caused mental distress in a lot of Covid patients. While some have seen death from close quarters and others have lost their family and friends, this illness has wreaked havoc on the mental health of a large number of people.

Yoga helps such people too. Yoga is known to calm you down. It also helps fresh and clean air to enter your brain, which helps soothe stress and anxiety. Also, since yoga is a form of physical exercise, the body releases endorphins when you practice yoga and this automatically helps you to feel better.

Take care!
Yoga is beneficial in post-Covid care, but you need to be disciplined and combine yoga along with your overall health care routine. Follow what your doctor says, eat nutritious, home-cooked food and stay hydrated. Also, remember to get ample amounts of rest and allow your body and mind to heal.

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