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Interesting ideas to use your bicycle more often


If your sedentary lifestyle is causing problems in your health, this is the right time for you to get moving and to get some exercise on a daily basis. One of the best ways to exercise is by using your bicycle. Many people buy fancy bicycles, but the two-wheelers end up lying in one corner of the house or garage! If you too have a bike, make sure you use it more often. Biking is a great and fun way to stay fit. It gives you the required exercise and also offers a lot of adventure. Here are some interesting ways in which you can use your bicycle more often.

  • Bike to work – If your workplace is not too far away, you could surely consider biking to work every day. Take your bicycle rather than your motorbike or car. It is eco-friendly and also healthy. You can burn a lot of calories in the process. Carry an extra shirt with you and change once you reach the office. This is one of the most effective ways in which you can use your bike more often and also regularly.
  • Find a parking lot at a distance – If your workplace is very far away and you cannot possibly bike the entire distance, look to bike to a railway or metro station, or to a friend’s place with whom you carpool. Park your bike there and take the other mode of transport. On your way back, collect your bike from the same point and cycle back home. You will save on your fuel costs and also end up getting the required exercise.
  • Bike with your kids – If you have kids, bike with them and get to enjoy some quality time, while all of you get the needed exercise. Take your children to school on your bike in the morning or have them bike beside you on their own bikes. This is an enjoyable as well as a handy way in which you can use your bicycle more often.
  • Bike to get supplies – It is common for people to use their motorbikes or scooters to get supplies from shops and markets that are close by. But you can consider substituting your bike with your scooter. Rather than riding on the motorized vehicle that does not help in burning calories, take your bike out. You can get the supplies you need and get the exercise as well.
  • Join bicycle races – Every city and town has bicycle clubs that organize fun events such as races regularly. Look for such events and participate. You may win or not win, but you will surely enjoy the experience and get to use your bicycle effectively as well.

These are some very interesting and exciting ways in which you can use your bicycle more often. Give them a try and see your health improve. You can lose weight, manage your blood pressure, lower your blood sugar levels, improve your heart health, and add many more health benefits to your life simply by biking regularly.

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