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Innovative Ways To Make Your Kids Eat Fruits

Make Your Kids Eat Fruits

Making your kids eat healthily is an uphill task. The little ones are especially fussy about eating fruits. This is why you need to make them eat the fruits they need, albeit in some innovative ways. What are these ways and how can you succeed in the mission? Read on to get your answers.

  1. Add them to cakes:

    Consider adding fruits to your cake batter. Every kid loves cake so if you hide a few fruits in them, they won’t even notice. Rather, they would eat them up and ask for more! The addition of fruits makes the cakes healthier too, giving you all the more reason to add them. For example, you can add some bananas or applesauce to your cake and lower the quantity of added sugar. The same can be done with pancakes too.

  2. Make cold shakes and ice creams:

    If your kid refuses his plate of mixed berries, just throw them into the mixer with some cold milk, cream and honey. Blitz it all up and your child will happily have it all up in a few seconds. If not, then free the mixture in attractive bowls, top them with some colourful sprinkles and make your kid have the fruity, delicious ice cream that’s loaded with the goodness of fruits.

  3. Put them in sandwiches:

    Most kids love sandwiches. Be innovative and add some sliced fruits between the layers of the sandwich. You could add some thinly sliced pieces of banana to the peanut butter sandwich. Or, just smear some chocolate spread and hide some chopped strawberries in it. The kids will not even know the fruits are there and will eat up the sandwiches with glee.

  4. Make jam:

    Jam is another major favourite among children. Involve the kids in the jam-making process as this will make them more enthusiastic about it and subsequently, make them eat the jam willingly. Mango, guava, pineapple, strawberry and orange make for great jam fruits. Make large batches and allow your kids to have some jam as a treat whenever they want.

  5. Make it interesting:

    Always make it interesting for the kids. If you have multiple kids at home, set up the fruit-eating time as a competition. Whoever finishes it first wins a prize. Offer them stars and badges when they eat fruit. Make an event out of it and your kids will look forward to eating fruits. Be creative in your ways and you won’t find it challenging any longer.

Follow these handy tips and you will be able to feed fruits to your kids regularly. Your kids will love the treats and their tiny bodies will receive all the nutrition needed. Fruits are considered to be nature’s candy. Rather than getting the packaged candy, encourage your kids to have fruit instead and watch them get healthy in no time.