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How to throw the best Diwali parties

best Diwali parties

Once again the time of the Festival of Light, Diwali, has arrived accompanied by the constant preparation for the Pooja and the party. It is a time we spend with our family and friends, and make the most of it. Oftentimes it becomes more and more hectic as the date comes closer, with constantly keeping track of the right ingredients for the pooja to the right decorations and arrangements for the party. To take some of the pressure off your shoulders here is how to throw the best Diwali Parties.

  1. Guest List

    If you have never hosted a Diwali party before and are unsure where to begin, start by creating an approximate guest list so that you don’t forget anyone or invite too many guests. Because you might underestimate the number of guests or miss certain visitors. A guest list helps you manage the food, the games and the drinks all at once.

  2. Food

    Any Indian festival’s most significant component is food. You can keep it simple and prepare it at home, or order from a reputable restaurant if you wish to focus entirely on your visitors when they’re at your home. Depending on your guests, make sure you always provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives. If the cuisine is well-received by your guests even long after Diwali, then the event was a smash.

  3. Games

    Games like UNO, Teen Patti and Poker are famous for being the go-to during Diwali. It sets a fun tone for the evening, letting everyone, from children to adults, join in on the sports spirit. You can go for games like Ludo, and Monopoly if you are not into card games. 

  4. Crackers

    Even with the increasing air and noise pollution in current days, it’s alright to enjoy fewer pollutant firecrackers. You can choose to light charkas, sparklers, phuljharis, and other types of fireworks for Diwali that cause less pollution. 

  5. Decor

    It’s time to spruce up your home for Diwali, the festival of lights, by using candles and diyas to decorate your home. Fairy lights are an option for the outdoors, and gardens, while colourful lamps can provide brightness indoors. Do not forget to make sure the inflammable items are away from your decor and children to avoid any accidents. 

  6. Drinks

    Decide on your drinks section while keeping your guests in mind. If there are individuals who don’t prefer alcoholic beverages, or children present then soft drinks and juices are a must. For those that wish to indulge, you can also keep your drinks section stocked with alcoholic drinks like cocktails, mocktails, wine, and so forth. 

  7. Gifts

    Diwali is a time of gift-giving. While your guests may or may not come to your party bearing a gift, make sure to end it with a sweet note. You can do something homemade or if you’re busy with planning and don’t have the time to make something at home, you can always order something readymade. Sweets like Ladoo, Barfi, or Dry fruits, Kaju, Kishmish, Pesta, Sonpapri, chocolates, candies, etc are often the famous parting hamper gifts during Diwali. 

Diwali is the festival of fortune & prosperity. Don’t forget to spend quality time with your family. Planning a Diwali party may be hectic at times but once the guests arrive and the mood sets in, it all becomes worth it. A party doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you and your guests have enjoyed it, so don’t overthink it. Wishing you a very happy Diwali from our side. 

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