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How to Stay Fit During The Festive Season?

Stay Fit During The Festive Season

Sometimes one can refrain from the daily routines if one has specific health issues or dietary restrictions, that need to be adhered to always to stay fit and healthy.

There are some tips for staying fit as follows:

  1. Set realistic goals:

    A healthy, balanced and balanced lifestyle is important for everyone. It is not a one-way street. You cannot have it all at once, but rather a combination of the simple habits of daily exercise, healthy food habits and proper sleep. When you are able to create a routine for yourself, then you can start from there, planning it according to your flexibility on which days you feel like working out and food habits according to which works best for you and other things that come as part of being human.

  2. Food habits:

    High-calorie foods and beverages to be avoided as they are are high in sugar content, and may cause harm to health. A balanced diet and nutritious foods eeds to be taken with vegetables, whole grains, fibres and minerals. Boiled foods and baked foods are recommended to stay healthy. You should avoid oily and fried foods which increases bad cholesterol. You could increase the intake of yogurt as it is very good for your health. One need not skip meals and also doesn’t need to accept too many treats during the festive season. The diabetic ones need additional care as per their doctor’s advice.

  3. Hydration:

    People should always drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, this will keep away diseases like UTIs and keep kidney health good. 

  4. Avoid alcohol:

    Alcohol consumption is to be avoided, along with high-calorie beverages, like cola, soda. Coconut water can minimise the dehydration caused due to alcohol so try to include it in your daily diet. 

  5. Exercise:

    The family can be involved in the exercise by walking together in the morning sun. This will keep the energy levels up during the day. It’s very much important to keep the energy to the highest level to stay fit. One can also involve in dancing, yoga to feel rejuvenated. However, one should not overdo any exercise or workout, which would further complicate life.

  6. Play with children:

    One can play indoor games and also outdoor games like cricket, badminton, cycling, and swimming with the children, this would improve the involvement of all family members and one can have fun to stay in a good mood.

  7. Bedtime routine:

    One should adhere to a sleep routine, avoid late-night parties and eat dinner timely. One also needs to have a night sleep of 7 to 8 hours in order to keep fit and healthy.

  8. Mental health:

    One should always take care of mental health as a priority. To get out of stress, and anxiety from the work pressure and conflicts in the office environment, one may attend counselling sessions, and take expert guidance.

  9. Gratitude:

    It is important to practice gratitude in life. Gratitude acknowledges the treasures of life, such as family and friends, pets, and good associations beyond career goals or financial progress. Enjoying life is to live it to the fullest with all that one has, embrace the flaws, and move forward. 

  10. Hobbies:

    One should always inculcate hobbies for facing life’s challenges smoothly. .Hobbies can give the oxygen for daily life to stay fit and fine.

  11. Take rest:

    One should take a rest in festive time. It is important to keep your sleep schedule in check. However, it is recommended to not sleep at day time immediately after a meal.

  12. Avoid smoking:

    Smoking has a harmful effect on health, but despite knowing this, people continue to smoke. Apart from physical effects, smoking is also known to effect mental problems. 

Family time is a good source of energy. Cuddling with your loved ones, enjoying hobbies, and accepting life as it is would help one to stay happy and fit always. The older members of the family should be prepared for the holiday season by taking care of their health and fitness.

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