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How to Manage Your Child’s Education When You’re Constantly on The Move?

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Some of us must move around due to the requirements of the job. This not only makes things a bit difficult for us but also for children. They must constantly change schools, sometimes in the middle of an academic year.

The transition to a new place and new school might be a bit harder than one can imagine. As a parent here are some things that you can do to ensure that they find it a bit easier.

  • Discuss the Transition or Move:

    You must make it a habit to gather the family around and discuss the upcoming move. Children and pre-teens usually need enough time to process the fact that they will be changing schools. 

    Letting them know at the last moment isn’t the best way to go about it. Discussing it with the family opens a channel of discussion and you can answer some of the questions that they might have.

  • Recommendations:

    It is always a good idea to gather some notes or recommendations from the current teachers, administrators or even counsellors. You can include these notes or recommendation letters in the file for your child. They might come in handy while applying for private schools.

  • Research Schools and Neighbourhoods:

    As soon as you get to know about the move, it is a good habit to research the neighbourhood that you will be moving into. You can research the different schools present in the locality and decide on which one to enrol them into. Once you finalize the neighbourhood and school, the shift might seem a little bit less daunting. Make it a point to ask about extra-curricular activities and after-school activities available. 

  • Talk with Teachers:

    If you can manage to meet with the teachers at the new school even before your kid joins, it might be a good idea. The meeting or discussion will help you introduce yourself and give them a brief about your kid. You can also find out about the curriculum and how your child can cope with the same.

  • School Tour:

    Once you have moved to the new neighbourhood or city, it is advisable to take your child out for a tour of the new school. You can take them around the school and their classroom. And introduce your child to the teachers. This will help them get a bit more familiar with the new school and make it easy for their first day.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities:

    Encourage your child to take part in extra-curricular activities. It can either be sports, joining different clubs, theatre and so on. This will help them meet new kids and get along a bit more easily.

  • Goodbye Party:

    You can host a party for your children to say goodbye to their friends, classmates and even some of their teachers. Though it would be a bit difficult for them, a goodbye party will enable them to say proper goodbyes before leaving.

The above will steps will help you manage your child’s education a bit more seamlessly.