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How To Make The Perfect Protein Shake With Your Pantry Ingredients

Perfect Protein Shake

Protein shakes have become a very healthy food that people of all ages consume. These shakes are loaded with many nutrients such as proteins, calcium, minerals, etc. Many people rely on protein shakes to such an extent that they substitute their meals with these shakes. While protein shakes have been proven to be healthy, the store-bought ones are expensive and have many unhealthy components such as preservatives and artificial colours. This is why many fitness experts are now recommending you to make the shake at home. The good news is that you can easily do so and that too with some of the most common pantry ingredients. Read on to know more.

Protein shake with protein powder:

Protein powder is a key element of any protein shake. Thankfully, these powders are widely and easily available in the markets these days. You can use any brand of your choice and make the shake at home in a quick and convenient manner. However, the protein powder is expensive and contains preservatives and flavouring agents. If you wish to eliminate the powder, you can still get your delicious glass of shake with some home ingredients.

Protein shake without protein powder:

As mentioned above, commercially produced protein powders have certain drawbacks. You can leave out the powder and include the following in your shake instead:

  1. Soy milk
  2. Almond meal
  3. Powdered mixed nuts including cashew nuts and pistachio
  4. Powdered chia seeds
  5. Powdered pumpkin seeds
  6. Protein-rich fruits such as guava, avocado, kiwi and strawberry 
  7. Protein-rich vegetables such as kale, sweet potato and spinach
  8. Cottage cheese
  9. Yoghurt or soy milk for the base
  10. Sweetener of choice.

You can add all of these ingredients or leave out any if you don’t want them. Add them to your blender and blitz them up well. Every single item in the list is packed with protein and when you have a shake made out of them, you give your body the healthiest dose of protein that helps you to stay fit and energised through the day. 

Advantages of making the protein shake at home

  • Easy:

    Once you have the ingredients laid out in front of you, making the protein shake at home is a very simple task.

  • Inexpensive:

    The protein shake powders are extremely costly. However, when you get the above-mentioned ingredients from your local supermarket, you pay a fraction of the price but get the same taste and nutrition. This is a major reason why you should consider making your shake at home.

  • Safe:

    Homemade food is always healthier as you know exactly what has gone into it. There are no added preservatives, colours or artificial flavours. This automatically makes the homemade protein shakes a safer option as compared to the store-bought ones. 


It is very important to have your proteins every day. If you rely on protein shakes, try making your own shake at home. As you saw, it is not difficult at all and can be done in a quick and easy manner.

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