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How to Make Money from Instagram in India?

Make Money from Instagram


The storm, named “social media”, has created a wonderful platform for everyone to indulge in communication, marketing, and entertainment. Apart from these, it has also given various opportunities for making money, and one such platform with millions of active users and ever-growing popularity is Instagram. If you are living in India and want to earn a decent living through Instagram, then go through the methods mentioned below and learn the art of making money the correct way.

  1. Brand Collaboration

    As you keep growing as an influencer or content creator on Instagram, you will receive tons of offers for brand collaborations. In this method, you will work directly with a brand and help promote their products on the platform, through any of the available methods, like stories, posts, IGTV videos, etc. Keep in mind that you have to disclose any paid partnership on the platform as per the Instagram rules and the expected revenue via brand collaboration depends upon your follower count, rate of engagement and brand size. For reference, an influencer with under 10,000 followers may charge INR 5-10K for each sponsored post.

  2. Affiliate Marketing 

    Making money via affiliate marketing has been a modern phenomenon among most influencers and it requires a great social media platform to go along, which Instagram can fulfil. By making great content and gaining followers on Instagram, you will be able to drive that traffic towards the partnered sites via affiliate links. Through this method, you can easily convert clicks into sales and then into money. The general commission rate per sale can be expected to be around 5 to 15% of that product. 

  3. Exclusive Content/Self-Promotion

    Most Instagram creators and influencers have their own exclusive products or content. For example, if you are an artist, then you can promote your art for commission-based work among your Instagram followers and gain decent value for it. In this case, the price usually depends on what people are ready to pay, but you can set any basic margin of choice.

  4. Badges

    Instagram has a “live” feature that allows users to connect with their followers in a real-time scenario and also offers the ability to earn money through badges. To avail of this, you will need a creator or business account, set your payout method, and enable badges. Then, whenever you go live on the platform, your viewers can buy these badges to support you. 

  5. IGTV Ads

    Another way to make money on Instagram is via your IGTV content. When you monetise your IGTV videos, you give other brands the option to promote themselves on that post by running advertisements. It is a neat way to earn on Instagram, besides the aforementioned options. 


If you are a content creator or influencer based in India and looking for a versatile platform to make money and promote your content, then Instagram stands out to be a great choice. Make sure to gain followers and increase your reach for a better monetary margin.

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