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How a Trampoline Improves Your flexibility?

Improves Your flexibility

Do you feel sceptical to practice high impact exercises like running and jumping jacks?

Are you scared of the tiredness and soreness that your muscles will have after working out?

Do you want to enhance your flexibility and posture?

If the answer to the above questions is “Yes” then Trampoline is the solution. It can be the best partner for your health in the long term as it is a cost-effective, less space-consuming indoor activity and safe to practice.

What is a Trampoline?

A trampoline is a flexible disc which is strong enough to bear an adult’s weight. To exercise on it, one has to jump and maintain the body weight practising body balance. Apart from jumping, other exercises like plain balancing are also practised on Trampoline.

It is easier for the body to work on Trampoline than other high impact exercises like running. The trampoline mat itself absorbs around 80% of the impact or shock making it easier for our body. 

What muscles does Trampoline work?

Jumping on a Trampoline exercise the whole body and specifically the core muscles. It works on the muscle groups of the whole legs including thighs and calves. It focuses on the gluteus, biceps femoris and gastrocnemius muscles specifically. Not only this, but Trampoline also works on the muscles of the arms, stomach and buttocks. It causes a series of contractions and releases the abdominal muscles resulting in the toning of these muscles. Jumping strengthen and lengthen the muscles and thus improves their flexibility. One has to have good spinal control when jumping, it improves your posture when it is practised regularly. In the long term, it helps to get a better bone density, better control of posture and excellent flexibility.

How Does Trampoline work?

One has to work against gravity when jumping on a trampoline. It not only helps to improve balance and agility but also burns fat faster. You burn lots of calories when you jump on a trampoline. Both sides of the brain and the upper & lower body have to work in coordination. You balance your body a lot during a Trampoline session. Rebounding has much less impact on joints and muscles making it safe and workable for even the elders. The long muscles of the legs are majorly worked out which makes Trampoline an effective and economic workout equipment.

Regular practice with Trampoline provides an efficient workout for the whole body by straining the abdominal and leg muscles similarly to crunches or sit-ups. One can replace these high impact exercises with a simple Trampoline workout.

Thus if you are looking for an easy yet effective workout that helps to improve your flexibility and muscle strength, Trampoline might be the answer for you.