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Hiding Fruits In Desserts – Some Handy Tips

Fruits In Desserts

Every parent knows that when it comes to feeding fruits to their kids, the struggle is real! Kids are notoriously picky eaters and fruits and veggies are always “yucky” to them. But fruits are one of the most important food items to have and so you need to ensure those little bodies are getting enough nutrition through the various fruits. If you are currently facing a challenge with your kids not eating enough fruits, we have some innovative ideas to help you conceal the fruits in some fun-filled desserts. Read on to know more.

  • Banana in a cake:

    Bananas and chocolate are a match made in heaven. It tastes so good that even your kids won’t be able to refuse. So the next time you bake a chocolate cake, add some ripe bananas to the batter. Adjust the sweetness, as you don’t want the cake to be over-sweet. Frost it with some freshly whipped cream and watch your kids devour the hidden banana and ask for more as well!

  • Strawberry in a shake:

    Strawberries are loaded with Vitamin C, fibre and healthy carbs. It is very nutritious and beneficial for growing kids. If your kids refuse to have their plates full of chopped strawberries, just transfer the fruits to your mixie. Add some chilled milk, a small bit of cream and some honey. Give it all a good blitz and your delicious strawberry shake is ready. Add some sprinkles on top to make it more attractive for the kids and watch them happily gulp it down. 

  • Apple in a pie:

    Apples are a superfood that has massive health benefits. Your kids should have apples regularly, but most kids don’t! If your kids refuse their apples, hide the fruit in a pie. Crush some digestive biscuits along with some butter and make the pie crust. Then, slice the apples thinly and coat them with some cinnamon sugar. Arrange them on the pie crust. You can bake the pie or just leave it as is. Garnish with some fluffy whipped cream and your kids will have a dessert to devour.

  • Blueberries in a pancake:

    Pancakes are very popular with kids. The next time you are making some pancakes, add some fresh blueberries to the batter. Add an equal amount of chocolate chips just to distract your kids. Make the pancakes and serve them with a chocolate sauce or some maple syrup and your kids won’t even know they’re eating the health-packed super berry in generous amounts. 

A friendly advice 
Kids enjoy eating what they make. So include them in the preparation process. Allow them to pour the chopped fruits into the dishes, or ask them to mix the cake batter with you. Give them starts and smiles because they did a good job in the kitchen. These little steps motivate your kids and it becomes easier for you to make them eat their fruits. Fruits are important so do not leave them out of your child’s diet. Just become a creative parent and make them eat their fruits gleefully.

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