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Healthy Tips To Survive The Festive Season

Healthy Tips To Survive The Festive Season

Be it Navaratri or Diwali, Eid or Christmas, festivity brings with it health impediments of its own. Such a spell of fun and joy makes it difficult for one to look after the needs of one’s body, hampering health in particular and lifestyle in general. However, we cannot forget our responsibility toward our health and must endeavour to do the bare minimum possible in between the moments of having fun and making memories. 

Difficulties that one might face during the festive season.

The rancour excesses exerted upon oneself during the festive season might become a cause for obstruction to normal healthy living, even after the end of the season. Certain inevitable challenges need to be realized and kept in mind before indulging in the joyous moments. 

It is very natural for one to get disrupted sleep due to constant outings, parties, plans, and meetings. Moreover, it becomes very difficult to stay hydrated as people are mostly out. One might not be able to have food on one’s regular time and end up consuming junk food. 

Therefore, it is very obvious to face digestive issues due to irregularity and mismanagement in the intake of food and water. Irregularity in eating and sleeping can make one catch a cough and cold or some other allergic infections.

How to deal with health challenges during the festive season? 

Although the challenges might seem common and therefore negligible, you must not ignore them completely. If you are willing to enjoy the lights and glamour of festivity with a healthy body and relaxed mind you need to pay adequate attention to your body and mind. There are certain dos and don’ts you must abide by to make your festivity joyous and colourful. 

What to do and not to do? 

Follow this to-do list to avoid putting extra pressure on your body and mind during the festivity. 

  • Keeping oneself active and hydrated.

    One needs to stay active and go outdoors. Since skipping exercise during the festivities already makes you inactive, you must not restrict yourself to indoor parties and clubbing. Most importantly, wherever you go or whatever you do, carry a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated. Do not consume too much alcohol or carbonated drinks since it might make you dehydrated and therefore sick.

  • Maintain proper eating habits.

    Skipping meals can cause a lot of problems during these festive days. Try to maintain the timing of taking meals. Do not go to a party with an empty stomach as it may cause acidity.

    Try to avoid junk food as much as possible and in case you are consuming try to drink a lot of water. Compensate the loss of nutrients and minerals with a B vitamin complex and probiotic supplement which also maintain the overall energy level.

  • Do not overeat.

    Overeating might disrupt the digestive system making you feel stuffed and therefore puckish. Look for some intervals during dishes as it might take some time for you to realize that you are full of the fun of festivities.

  • Do not try extreme diet routines.

    Do not try to perform any special diet during the festive season as the already disrupted system might not respond well. However, you can always look for healthy alternatives whenever you can to maintain healthy food habits.

With all this in mind, it doesn’t become quite difficult to spend the festivities in a joyous mood. The attempt must be to make out the best of the holidays and break from work. Therefore, make your health checklist to keep yourself up and running during the festivals without fail.

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