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Going on a hike with your kids – the DOs and DON’Ts

Going on a hike with your kids

Family outings are always enjoyable and something that you surely look forward to. One such activity is hiking. It is very common for families to go on hikes and take their kids along, too. If you are planning to go on a hike with your kids, we have a complete guide for you. Take a look.

Going on a hike with your kids – the DOs

  1. Choose a comfortable day

    It is very important for you to keep the kids comfortable when hiking. This is why you need to choose the proper season and weather to go hiking. Do not opt for a day that’s hot and humid, or even rainy and gloomy. Ideally, look to go hiking with your kids on a mild winter’s day with the warm sun shining down.

  2. Wear proper clothes and shoes

    It is absolutely crucial for you to dress your kids properly. The clothes, as well as the shoes, are vital. Choose the correct hiking gear and you won’t face too many issues.

  3. Carry water and snacks

    Kids are known to get tired very fast, so you need to keep them motivated by offering snacks and beverages from time to time. Carry healthy and tasty snacks that they can munch on and also ensure you have enough water to keep the little fellows well hydrated.

Going on a hike with your kids – the DON’Ts

  1. Don’t choose a difficult terrain

    A difficult hike terrain may challenge you and prove to be a thrill, but it will be a nightmare for your kids! They would get exhausted and soon turn cranky. Worst still, they may even ask you to carry them, which would be very difficult for you to do. So choose an easy terrain with lots of fun things to look at as that will keep your kids engaged.

  2. Don’t go randomly – plan ahead

    Never go on a random hike with your kids – plan ahead and make all the arrangements. Do your research about the weather, the terrain, etc. Then, pack all the things you need and leave only after that. 

  3. Don’t lose your temper 

    And finally, do not lose your temper. Kids can get difficult, especially when they are bored and tired. Even if they have a meltdown in the middle of the hike, you stay calm and keep your cool. If you get agitated, the situation won’t improve and the hike may get ruined for the entire family. 

Start off easy and if it’s going to be the first trek for your kids, look for a plain path, rather than an inclined path. Kids tend to get tired and cranky very fast and this can cause problems. Make it a fun activity and take it slow and easy. Keep yourself and your kids hydrated. Take frequent breaks and allow them to answer nature’s call as and when needed. These small steps will make the hike more enjoyable and fun for your entire family.

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