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Food options for your toddler when on vacation

Food options for your toddler

Travelling with a toddler is quite challenging especially if she is travelling for the first time. Children are fussy and when they see an unknown environment, they get more confused and the tantrums begin. This holds true for their food habits also. However, you can make the situation a lot less stressful for yourself and your baby. Take a look at this article to get some great ideas on how to feed your child good and nutritious food while on a holiday. Doing so will keep the child full and allow her to be happy and enjoy the vacation as well.

Carry food:
This is a common option that many parents follow. You can carry some raw materials such as raw rice, raw lentils, some potatoes, etc. Also, carry an induction oven and some cookware so that you can make some basic dishes such as khichdi in the hotel room. This also works if you are renting a holiday home that has an attached kitchen. While this is a bit cumbersome, it may be a good idea for you if your child is a fussy eater and has never eaten outside food.

Offer what’s available:
If your child is above a year old, you can start giving her the food that you are eating while on vacation. Give her some plain rice mixed with some milk. Or, break some chapatis and soak them in some milk and feed that to your kid. Other safe options include plain idlis, fruits, boiled eggs, bread toast, etc. These are dishes that you will find at every restaurant and so filling her little tummy up won’t be a problem at all.

Ask the hotel to prepare something:
Most hotels are very hospitable and happily customise meals for small kids. If you cannot find anything that your child can eat on the menu or at the buffet, ask the hotel to make some bland food for your toddler. You can request them to make some plain khichdi, porridge, mashed potato, soup, etc. You may have to pay extra, but you will be assured of getting some fresh, clean and nutritious food for your little one.

Carry packaged food:
Whether you feed packaged food to your kid at home or not, it is always a very good idea to carry some packaged food with you to give to her in an emergency. If your flight is delayed or you are stuck in a location due to bad weather, you can give the food to your toddler till something else is available. You can carry baby cereal, biscuits, cakes, etc. Also, ensure you always have milk with you. If your toddler has formula milk, make the provision ready so that you can prepare the formula and offer her whenever needed. If not, carry small tetra packs of milk that you can cut open and directly feed her.

These are some of the handiest tips to follow for any parent who is going on vacation with their toddlers. Follow these tips and you and your baby will both enjoy the vacation to the fullest.

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