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Five Home Remedies for Kids with Cough and Cold

Home Remedies for Cough and Cold

Cold is an infection of the throat and nose. It is a typical case in every country and can be self-diagnosed.

The symptoms of a cold are sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, coughing, and sneezing. It can spread by airborne respiratory droplets, skin-to-skin contact, saliva, or touching a contaminated surface.

There are several causes of colds and coughs in kids. Some are asthma, sinusitis, croup, bronchiolitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, and whooping cough. You can prevent colds and coughs by washing your hands frequently, avoiding sharing your cups, and using tissues.

It gets pretty tricky for the kids and their parents as well when the kid suffers from a cold and cough. Because the kids face many problems in breathing, eating, or speaking, they get irritated. As kids can’t express much of what they are going through, it gets more difficult for the parents to understand that.

Due to unawareness of what an individual should do to treat the cold of their kid, they visit a doctor even for little reasons. This is not good at all because giving medicines is the easiest thing you can opt for. But do you know how harmful too much of medicines can be for your kid? So, stop doing this.

In this blog, you will learn about the different home remedies that can help treat colds and coughs affecting your kid.

  1. Honey

    Do you know honey can be a great way to cure a cold and cough? Honey has a soothing effect that can treat the coughing condition in your kid.

    According to a study, it is found that two tablespoons of honey at bedtime can improve sleep by reducing nighttime coughing.

    Honey is available anywhere and everywhere in the market at a lower price so you can try this remedy. All you need to do is mix the cinnamon powder in the honey and then give it to your child. This will be more effective, and soon you will be able to notice the changes.

    So, stop running to the hospital for every little reason and begin treating minor issues with home remedies.


  2. Steam

    Steam is the best and oldest way of treating cold. People of all ages take steam as it’s safe and beneficial too.

    You can heat water and pour it into a bigger bowl. Then let your child take steam by covering the head with a towel. In today’s time, it has become much easier with the steam machine. As you need to fill the water in it, connect it to electricity and the steam will be ready within a minute.

    You can give steam for 5 to 10 minutes twice a day, which is very helpful. You can add eucalyptus oil to the warm water for better and sooner results.


  3. Massage

    Is your child below the age of 2 years? If yes, then massage it as the best remedy. Massage is helpful and practical for all aged people, especially children.

    You can take mustard oil in a bowl, add a few pieces of garlic, and heat it a bit. Check the temperature; if it’s lukewarm, you can start applying. You must also use and massage your child’s back, neck area, and chest. You can also massage with the same oil on your baby’s feet and palms. Then cover your child and let them sit under the sun for a quick relief.

    You can do this daily for better results because this remedy has no side effects.


  4. Turmeric milk

    Have you ever had a glass of turmeric milk? You might have had it at least once in your life.

    Turmeric has antiseptic properties and can treat various conditions and infections. You can take a glass of milk in a pan, add turmeric to it, add sugar only if needed, and then heat it for a few minutes.

    Once the milk is a bit warm and good to consume, make your child drink it at the moment. The warm turmeric milk will relieve a runny nose and aching throat.

    This remedy can also benefit older people, even if you can consume it. But remember, turmeric is warmer, so do not overdo the process. One glass of turmeric milk at night would do your work.

    Turmeric milk

  5. Gargle

    You can make your child do gargling, and it would be better if you opt for salt gargling. For this, add a teaspoon of salt to a glass of water and heat it a bit. You can do salt gargling twice, as it will soothe throat pain.



Above are the five best home remedies to treat colds and coughs in kids. Every treatment has been helping people for ages. So, try them for your other family members suffering from these ailments at any time.

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