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Everyday foods for weight gain


While most people look to lose weight, some people struggle to put on a few pounds. Certain physiological and health problems make it difficult for some people to gain weight and they become severely underweight. At other times, a certain amount of weight gain is also needed to meet a job requirement (minimum body weight for joining the army, etc). Whatever be the reason, for those who are too thin to be fit, weight gain is as important as any other health issue. Thankfully, the matter can be addressed beautifully with some natural foods that assist you in your quest to gain weight. In this article, we list the foods that help.

Foods that help in gaining weight
  1. Protein rich foods: Foods high in protein help you gain weight steadily and in a healthy manner. Meats such as beef and pork are high in protein and must become a part of your menu, if you are a non-vegetarian. Some fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel are also full of proteins.


  1. Eggs: The egg yolk is a storehouse of calories and contains about 75 calories. This helps you to gain weight but you must watch your egg consumption as it drastically pushes up the cholesterol levels.


  1. Butter: Butter is a rich, fatty dairy product that helps you pile up the pounds. Spread butter on your toast, add a dash of butter in your soup or simply sauté your veggies in a generous pool of butter. Butter is also rich in calcium and so you get some added nutrition as well.


  1. Carbohydrates: Rice and wheat products such as bread and pasta, are all sources of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates help you gain weight promptly. So make sure you have a healthy portion of carbs for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  1. Potato: Potato is vegetable source of carbohydrate. It is a delicious food that helps you become bulkier in a truly healthy manner. This is because a potato is packed with vitamins, minerals and starch.


  1. Banana: A banana is a wonderful and inexpensive weight gain food. It has a high calorie count and helps you pile up the pounds quickly. Bananas also are a storehouse of energy and so you don’t end up feeling too full and tired after you eat the fruit.


  1. Full-fat milk: Whether you like it chilled or piping hot, a tall glass of full-fat milk will help you gain weight. The fat content in the milk is a natural weight booster and helps you meet your desired body mass.


  1. Avocado: This fruit is rightly called a dieter’s enemy and a thin person’s lover! An average avocado has a whopping 29 grams of fat along with 329 calories. So pile up on this delicious fruit if you want to gain weight.

Gaining weight is easy! Just munch on all these delicious foods and reach your ideal body weight in a jiffy. However, you must be a little cautious and exercise while you go on a weight-gain diet. Foods that have too much fat and too many calories also work to push up your body’s sugar levels and cholesterol levels and also may thicken the arteries of the heart. So keep a balance between eating and exercising and you will surely be able to meet your weight goals soon. Good luck!

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