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Dressing perfectly while working from home

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The pandemic has forced a vast majority of people to work from home. This has its pros and cons. On one hand, it’s more relaxing and you don’t have to worry about the morning rush to get ready, and you save on the long travelling hours. On the other hand, it leads to problems such as laziness and lack of productivity. Research has shown that people don’t even get out of their pajamas for days while working from home! This is a toxic habit and something that you should stay far away from. Take a look at this article and you will know why it’s important to dress up while working from home and the perfect way in which you can go about it.

Importance of dressing up when working from home

  • Increases productivity

    When you don’t take a shower for days, leave your hair unkempt and wear the same, stinky pajama, your mind will automatically get into a lazy, couch-potato mode. Subsequently, it will have an impact on your work. You may not even understand it, but your productivity will drop. This is why you need to get into the correct mental space and tell your brain that you’re ‘going to work’ on a fresh, new day. Shower, dress up, get ready and sit at your workstation in the same way as you would on a regular office day.

  • Helps set boundaries

    When you work from home, your kids and other family members are around. If they see you sitting in a very casual manner, in-home clothes and in an unkept way, they will assume you are in your present for them in your home role. Your kids may call out to you or jump into your work area. But if you are professionally dressed, the vibe will be different. Your family will know that you are in your workspace and they won’t disturb you unnecessarily.

  • Helps in impromptu video calls

    It’s common for your superiors or other team members to ask for an impromptu video conference call. At such a time if your appearance is poor, it will leave a very bad impression among your co-workers. Since you cannot predict when such a call will come up, stay prepared and dress up appropriately at all times.

Dressing perfectly
You don’t have to invest in some expensive designer business suits. Just make sure you shower, fix your hair, put up some basic makeup and wear your work clothes in the morning before you sit at your workstation. Try to focus more on your upper body appearance as that is what will be visible during the video calls. Wear a nice shirt or top and keep your hair neatly tied at all times. The only relaxation you can allow yourself is in the case of footwear. You don’t have to wear those uncomfortable, tight, closed shoes all day. Relax in your socks or slippers but ensure you are presentable and focused at all times.

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