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Different Types Of Health Insurance Plans Available In India

Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance is one of the most crucial requirements of life. The times are very uncertain so you never know what health problem can strike at what time. Also, the cost of healthcare has skyrocketed and affording a good hospital has become a challenge for many people. In such a scenario, there is no alternative to having a good health insurance plan. There are different types of health plans that help cover different health conditions. If you are in the process of buying health, take a look at this article to know what your options are and how you can get the best medical insurance policy.

  • Comprehensive family floater health insurance:

    These are the best types of health insurance plans with which you can cover the health of all your family members. As the name suggests, a comprehensive family floater plan allows you to get a single health cover with a single premium payment and keep up to six people in your family covered. You can cover yourself, your spouse, your kids and your parents with such a policy. Several benefits such as in-patient care, ICU charges, OPD charges, surgery charges, etc are covered under a comprehensive plan.

  • Individual:

    Individual health insurance plans are another good option. They are similar to the comprehensive plans but the only difference is that the policy covers just one person. If you are a single person, or you need some extra health insurance for yourself, you can opt for an individual comprehensive policy.

  • Employer-provided group insurance:

    If you are employed in a big company, in all likelihood, you will have a group health insurance cover. These are good options to get coverage for yourself and your immediate family. The plans are comprehensive and offer several benefits like hospital cover, maternity cover, etc. However, a group cover is only valid till the time you stay employed, so if you lose your job or retire, you lose your health cover overnight. This is why you should always have a backup comprehensive ft floater plan of yourself along with the employer-provided health insurance cover. 

  • Critical illness insurance:

    This is a handy type of health insurance where you get a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer, stroke, etc. The insurer will pay you the compensation and you will be free to use the amount in any way you wish.

    You can add riders to your health insurance plan and make the coverage more wholesome and flexible. Speak to your insurer and find out what is available.

In conclusion:

As you can see, health insurance is available in a variety of options. Choose the one that matches your requirements. You can buy health insurance very easily these days as the plans are available online. The online plans are affordable and loaded with features too. So if you still have not bought your health insurance cover, go online, compare and find the best policy. Then, you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe and secured,

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