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Cooking Like Grandma – Make The Smoothest Egg Pudding In Under An Hour!

Smoothest Egg Pudding

Anyone who grew up in a happy home has fond memories of their grandma making delicious egg puddings on lazy Sunday afternoons. Also known as caramel custard, this decadent dessert is an emotion! If you miss this delicious treat that your grandma used to make for you, you can try making it yourself. The good news is that the pudding is very simple to make and gets done quickly. Read on to get all the handy tips.

Explore the recipe:
Start by getting the perfect recipe. Many people have the recipe as a family heirloom but do not proceed because they feel it’s a complicated dish to make. This is completely untrue as caramel custard is one of the easiest recipes to make. You need some very basic and simple ingredients such as milk, sugar and eggs. You simply need to whip them all together, pour them into a flat dish and steam. Make some caramel to go with it and your pudding is ready. 

Get the ingredients:
When you look to make the dessert, stay prepared. Do not walk into the kitchen without doing your homework. It’s quite easy to prepare the dessert. All you have to do is glance over the recipe and have the ingredients and cooking equipment in front of you. Lay them out on the counter and you will be amazed to see how simple and quick the remaining steps will become. If you already have the ingredients at home, take them out of the fridge and allow them to come to room temperature as that helps to give a silky texture to your pudding.

Involve your kids
Cooking is as much about making memories as it is about the food you make. You are making the egg pudding because you have fond memories of making it with your grandma when you were younger. Pass on the legacy and involve your kids in the process too. This would help build up the same enthusiasm in them as it did in you. It would also give you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your family so get together and start cooking.

Get set go!
With your ingredients in place, the steamer clean and sparkling and the caramel bubbling over, get to work. Just follow the simple steps of the recipe. And always remember to have fun while making your favourite egg pudding. Once cooked, allow it to cool down. Preferably, pop it in the fridge and allow it to set properly before you serve. You will surely have a very delicious treat ready in no time.

In conclusion
As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, making a fabulous egg pudding is not a challenging task at all. Give it a try and you will be licking the spoon very soon. And if your grandma is around, share some of the desserts with her as well and thank her for all the love and yumminess she filled your childhood with.

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