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Choosing The Right Furniture For Your 1BHK

Furniture For Your 1BHK

Living in small spaces has become quite common these days. Especially in the big cities, people often find themselves living in one bedroom houses. While the lack of space is an issue, tiny living has several benefits. From less maintenance to achieving cost-effectiveness, you can get a lot from moving into a 1BHK. However, to make the place look visually appealing, you need to decorate it well. Getting the right furniture is the biggest challenge. If you get large and bulky furniture that takes up all the space, you won’t be able to create a cosy, homely atmosphere.

Tips for choosing the best 1BHK furniture:

  • Choose smaller items:

    The first and foremost thing to remember is that space is less in the house. This is why you cannot have your furniture take up all the space. Even after getting the furniture you need, there should be someplace to walk around. Also, your furniture should not clock windows or other places from where light and wind can come into the house. So, a great tip for you is to choose smaller furniture items. If you live alone in the house, get a single bed instead of a double bed. Get a cane wood 2 seater sofa set. Look for a wall-mounted wardrobe rather than getting a standalone steel almirah. These are some ways in which you can get more space, even after getting all the furniture in the house.

  • Less is more:

    The formula that you should adopt is – “less is more”. You do not need to have all the regular furniture items. See what you can let go of. Do you need a coffee table in the living room? Do you need the bulky glass cabinet in the kitchen? Minimise the need for furniture. Also, try to use space-saving furniture. Murphy beds that fold into the wall are a great example of this. Also, give multiple uses to all your furniture items. Use the dining table as your study table too, thereby eliminating the need to buy a separate study table. Going the minimalistic way proves to be very beneficial when you live in a small house. 

  • Focus on lighter colours:

    And last but not the least, remember to focus on getting furniture in light colours, dark colours absorb a lot of light and give the room a claustrophobic look. Get your sofa, beds, tables, cabinets, etc in shades of white, beige, light yellow, etc. Match them with your curtains and you will be able to give your home a beautiful and airy look. You can have some furniture in darker shades, but do not make the mistake of getting everything in a very dark colour.

Give these tips a go and you will be able to decorate your beautiful one-bedroom house in a truly elegant way. Ince that is done, living in your home will become a pleasure. Keep your tastes and preferences in mind when choosing the furniture and you will surely be able to get the best items for your house.

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