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Best food sources of calcium for lactose intolerants

almond nuts - calcium source

[pullquote align=right]Having just a handful of almonds daily can suffice your calcium needs.[/pullquote]

Milk and other dairy products are an important part of most household menus, mainly because they are a rich source of calcium. However, for those who suffer from lactose intolerance, such menus cause a lot of discomfort. Lactose is a kind of sugar that is found in cow’s milk. It causes digestive disorders in people who are sensitive towards it. Doctors therefore recommend the lactose intolerant people to stay away from all dairy products. So what do they do to get their daily dose of calcium?

Thankfully, there are some very good alternatives to dairy products that a lactose intolerant person can turn to. They are all natural and very easy to find. Read on to know more.


  1. Broccoli: Broccoli is a calcium rich vegetable that works as a dairy substitute. For every 100 gm of broccoli that you eat, you get an impressive 47 mg of calcium. This is comparable to the calcium you get from consuming dairy products of a similar size.


  1. Figs: Figs are also very high in calcium. And since they are very healthy and low fat, you can much on a handful of figs when you feel like snacking in between meals. You get a whopping 241 mg of calcium from having a large bowl of figs. Figs are one the best fruit sources of calcium.


  1. Nuts: Almonds, peanuts and Brazil nuts offer high amounts of calcium. You can simply munch on these nuts or add them to your salads, shakes or pies and enjoy a healthy dose of calcium with each bite.


  1. Soybeans: Soybeans are excellent food sources of calcium. These small chunks made of pure soy are loaded with calcium. So add them to your pastas, pizzas or gravies and get a high dose of calcium instantly.


  1. Non-dairy milk: Rice milk, soy milk and almond milk are some wonderful sources of non-dairy calcium. Apart from providing calcium, these beverages also give you the satisfaction of drinking milk. So substitute cow’s milk with any of these drinks when you feel like having a bowl of breakfast cereal or a chocolate shake and see the magic.


  1. Soft boned fish: Certain fish with soft bones like sardines and salmon contain high amounts of calcium. You get close to 325mg of calcium from a three-ounce serving of sardines. So include these fish in your diet if you are looking for some dairy-free calcium options.


  1. Beans: Many kinds of beans, like red kidney beans and black-eyed beans are very good calcium sources. Include these tasty legumes in your daily diet and get sufficient amounts of dairy-free calcium.


You always have the option of turning to the medicinal supplements to get the required amounts of calcium if you are lactose intolerant. However, going the natural way is always a better option. Try including the foods mentioned above in your daily diet and see the calcium levels in your body shoot up. The food items mentioned here are quite easy to find and are delicious to eat. So try them right away.

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