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Bad Money Habits – Face it to Forgive Yourself

Bad Money Habits

If you feel you have some bad financial habits, you are not alone! Managing money poorly is a problem that many people encounter. However, becoming aware of the problem is a big step. So if you have understood that your habits are poor, you can identify the problems in an easier manner and then work to rectify them. Do not blame yourself too much – you can always alter your ways and fix your habits. Let us find out how that can be done.

Common financial mistakes 

Here are some of the most commonly committed financial mistakes:

  • Working without a budget

    A very big mistake you may be making is working without a proper financial plan. This is a dangerous thing to do as you will not know what and where you are spending. You can get into a serious financial mess if you just append aimlessly. To avoid this, make a good budget each month. Be practical about it and allocate funds as and where needed. Stick to the budget rigorously and you will have better control over your money.

  • Not maintaining an emergency corpus

    It is absolutely crucial to have an emergency fund. You may get involved in a road accident, water may start seeping from your roof or your child may suddenly wish to take up an expensive IIT entrance coaching course. Such expenses come unannounced and you need to be financially ready at all times. Maintain an emergency corpus so that you don’t have to borrow or break your investments at such times. 

  • Not investing

    Just leaving your money idle in a savings bank account is a major financial blunder that you must avoid. If you have been making this mistake, then rectify it right away by investing your money. Explore the different options and see which investment opportunity suits you. Invest and watch your finances grow like never before!

  • Not saving for your retirement

    You may be in your twenties or thirties and not even thinking about your retirement. This is a bad money habit that you need to reevaluate. Your retirement is closer than you think and you need to start your retirement fund today. Do not wait till it’s too late. Start now and save in small amounts so that you have enough savings when you retire. This will allow you to remain financially independent till the last day of your life.

If you are guilty of these faulty money habits, you can work towards getting them rectified.

The bottom line

Now that you are aware of your bad money habits and you have faced them, forgive yourself and start afresh. There is no harm in making a few mistakes as mistakes are the stepping stones for success. Learn from your mistakes but do not repeat them. Moving ahead, make a good financial plan, look at investments and start having funds for emergency needs and your retirement. Follow these simple steps and you will see a very significant change in your financial journey.

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