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All you need to know about pet insurance

about pet insurance

The noise of their beloved animal companion passing gas in the early hours of the morning is the only thing that could get a pet owner moving quickly. The next step is the frantic trip to the veterinarian, followed by testing, examinations, and evaluations, as well as possibly a hefty cost to pay at home. Obtaining pet insurance can help you keep your finances under control in these situations. In India, individuals have already been covering cows, buffaloes, and also elephants despite the fact that it is a relatively new idea. However, insurance is now offered to pet owners for Indie breeds as well as dogs, cats, and exotic birds.

Here’s all you need to know about pet insurance:

The meaning behind pet insurance and the benefits

Our health insurance and pet insurance are quite similar. It includes a variety of veterinary treatments, including emergency care, geriatric counselling, general consultations, medicinal and surgical procedures, and more. It also covers defense against theft- or accident-related losses. Your pet needs the very same standard of care as any other member of your family, sometimes even more. You are ensuring that they will get to live a good life by giving them insurance. Pet insurance can significantly reduce your veterinary expenses, whether it be for routine procedures like vaccinations and dewormings, accidents like breaking a leg jumping off the sofa, or long-term conditions like a renal disease.

What types of pet insurance are available?

These are some of the types of insurance you can find for your pet. 

  1. Restricted by money which covers up to a particular amount
  2. Accident-only insurance which covers unexpected accidents 
  3. Lifelong coverage which is covering your pet for its entire lifespan. 
  4. Limited by time which covers only the period of an illness or injury

Animals covered by pet insurance and their ages

Kittens and puppies can be insured starting at just 8 weeks old and up to about 8 years old. All of this, however, is based just on the size, breed, and overall health of your pet.

What is the price range of pet insurance?

Numerous variables, including aging, size, type, and even the place you live, affect pet insurance. Different breeds can have different insurance policies and benefits, the typical cost may be as high as 5–6%, as well as the premium would rise with your pet’s age. In India, businesses will pay up to Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000 for hospital expenses (surgeries). Do some study in advance because this would vary as the animal aged. In rare circumstances, you can even tailor your instance to your needs.

What exclusions exist in pet insurance policies?

Most frequently, policies exclude dental care, grooming services, specific illnesses like Leptospirosis, pre-existing diagnoses, and aesthetic procedures. Sterilisation procedures might not be covered by employers; check with your insurance company.

What are there requirements for getting pet insurance?

Typically, a medical certification from a vet, evidence of immunisations, and identity are required, depending on the company. In order to screen for pre-existing ailments and disorders in senior dogs, diagnostic tests are occasionally required.

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing ailments are just one of several elements that can have an impact on the insurance coverage for your pet. Many pet insurance companies consider a condition to be pre-existing at the moment when symptoms are noticed, rather than during the initial diagnosis. That means the disease could not be covered if your pet was showing symptoms of a sickness or injury prior to getting insurance. 

Do I need pet insurance?

Although not everyone needs pet insurance, it is something you should think about in advance. When looking at pet insurance options, it’s crucial to examine both your own financial situation and your pet’s way of life in order to select a plan that can accommodate both. 


The main advantage of having pet insurance is a sense of security. If your pet gets insurance, you would not need to make significant choices regarding his treatment based on cost, which is invaluable for many pet owners.

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