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5 Natural Ways to Calm your Anxious Heart

Anxious Heart

Your body’s natural reaction to stress is anxiety. Anxiety is a natural feeling of worry we have in our lives from living in a hectic world. . But remember, not all anxiety is harmful. It alerts you to threats, tells you when there’s danger, and aids in risk assessment. However, it is essential that you take control and take needed action before it gets out of control and starts occurring on a daily basis.

Your life’s quality may be seriously impacted by untreated anxiety. Try out these 5 strategies below to regain control.

  1. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine

    It is commonly known that caffeine causes anxiety. Discovering your triggers can enable you to determine when you should stop drinking coffee if it is a habitual part of your life. This also applies to coffee-flavored soft drinks. Anxiety attacks may feel so stressful that you feel the need to sip on a drink to calm down. Alcohol actually alters the amounts of serotonin as well as other neurotransmitters present in the brain, rendering the symptoms worse even though it may temporarily work.

  2. Pour it out in a Journal

    The feeling of not knowing why you feel the sudden urge of fight or flight instinct, or the restlessness is the biggest sign of anxiety. You can be doing something peaceful and still suddenly feel the worry creep in. During these times try to write it down, whatever you are feeling, it can be as trivial as the weather. At times of feeling anxious, when you write down these negative feelings it helps you to process them without feeling the pressure to say them out loud. 

  3. Speak to a knowledgeable person.

    You should consult a health expert if your anxiety symptoms are making it difficult for you to do daily tasks. However, consulting friends might be beneficial. If you have friends who have suffered from an anxiety issue, send them a text if you’re comfortable. 

    As someone who has tackled anxiety, they might know ways that helped them and suggest it to you or they might be able to identify something that may have served as a trigger. However, there are times when it’s just wonderful to rant to someone who has been in your position.

  4. Make sleep a priority.

    Various studies have shown that for good mental health, one of the essentials is getting enough sleep on a regular basis. You can prioritise your sleep by:

    • Keeping your room cool and dark 
    • Writing down your worries before bedtime
    • Try getting in bed at the same time every night, and only sleep at night when you’re tired 
    • Restricting screen time in bed 
  5. Consider aromatherapy

    Humans have utilised aromatherapy as a holistic therapeutic method for hundreds of years. The technique promotes the health and wellbeing of the body, mind, and spirit by utilising natural substance extracts and essential oils.

    The essential oils can be added to a warm bath, immediately inhaled, or diffused. Using aromatherapy is advised for:

    • Improve mood
    • Aid in relaxation
    • Aid in sleep
    • Lower heart rate and blood pressure


Anxiety cannot be cured quickly, and it frequently seems like an uphill battle. However, you can minimise your symptoms by being aware of what is causing them and seeking medical assistance. The most essential aspect is to continue trying. Withdrawing from society in response to anxiety-provoking feelings may simply contribute to making your life more challenging in the long term. Don’t give up on attempting to find workable solutions for you because practise makes perfect.

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