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5 Meditative Asanas to Help You De-stress & Improve Your Well-being

Meditative Asanas

Implementing the practice of yoga in one’s daily life is a massive step toward leading a healthy lifestyle. There are multiple physical benefits of doing yoga, like it improves core strength, flexibility and balances, relieves certain body pains, is beneficial to the heart, etc. Apart from these, there are various mental benefits of doing yoga, which you can experience through some simple poses.

Here are 5 easy meditative asanas that will help you reduce stress and improve your well-being:

  1. Sukhasana

    The Sukhasana, also known as the “Easy Pose,” is one of the most comfortable and easy-to-learn asanas in yoga. Individuals can effortlessly commit to this pose for long time periods, even if they are having issues holding other poses. In order to do this pose, you will have to sit on the mattress and fold your legs in a way that each one rests on top of the opposite one. It helps in the reduction of stress, anxiety and feelings of sadness.

  2. Siddhasana

    The Siddhasana or the “Adept Pose” is another great pose that helps in improving the body’s immunity through its effect of balancing on the nerves. This asana is very easy to do once you get a hold of the core concept. To do this pose, sit on the mattress, bend your left knee first and then move your left heel towards your right inner thigh. Do the same with the right leg, but keep your right heel over the other and tuck it between the left thigh and calf.

  3. Swastikasana

    The “Auspicious Pose” or Swastikasana helps in improving mental clarity and increases blood flow to the brain. This pose is quite similar to the Siddhasana, except for some minor alterations. You should check out a visual description to understand it properly and avoid confusing it with the previous pose. It is recommended that you sit in this pose for at least 5-10 minutes.

  4. Vajrasana

    This asana is also commonly referred to as sitting on the heels. Even for a very simple and basic-looking pose, the Vajrasana has various helpful benefits for the human body. It helps in the stimulation of appropriate digestion and is usually advised to implement this pose for at least 10 minutes after eating a meal. Just kneel down, keep your legs together, point the heels outwards and sit back on them.

  5. Padmasana

    The very famous Padmasana or the “Lotus Pose,” is one of the most common meditative asanas that help to calm the brain, ease menstrual discomfort, restore energy levels, increase attentiveness and awareness, etc. To do this pose, sit down normally, bend your right knee and cross it over to your left thigh, and keep your heel near your navel as much as possible. Do the same thing with the opposite leg and the pose will be achieved.

Yoga is a great way to calm your mind and body and efficiently reduce stress levels. Start practicing yoga for a healthier lifestyle and initiate with these easy meditative asanas.

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