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5 Interesting Ways To Keep Your Kids Physically Active During The Lockdown

Physically Active During The Lockdown

The pandemic and the lockdown have caused a lot of damage to small kids. They are confused and irritated and they don’t even understand why this is happening. This is why, as parents and caregivers, you need to make it easier for them to cope with this situation. It helps them to keep them physically active as that helps to channelise the energy and improve their mood and health. Here e some handy ways in which that can be done:

  1. Involve them in household choresDepending upon the age of the child, involve them in the day-to-day household chores. A young child can help his or her parents by folding the clothes or by carrying the empty plates to the kitchen. An older child can help by doing the dishes and mopping the floor. Not only will this make them physically active, but they will also end up learning important life skills.
  2. Join an online fitness classThere are many online classes that offer yoga, Zumba, aerobics, etc. You can get enrolled as a family or simply enrol your kids for such classes so that they get an hour’s physical workout done every day.
  3. Engage in spot gamesYour kids cannot step outside but they can play some high-intensity games at home. Clear some space in the house and have them play an impromptu game of squash by using the wall. Also, clear the dining table and set up a temporary ping-pong table for them. Then, get some skipping ropes and hula hoops and ask them to play with them. Make some smart game arrangements at home and make room for them to get exercising in a fun way.
  4. Walk the dogIf you have a pet dog, ask your kids to take it for a walk every day. If your child is very young, let him or her accompany you on these walks. This is another good way to get some exercise and also to get fresh air.
  5. Play games as a familyPlay games as a family. If your kids see that you are glued to your phone or laptop all the time, they will also want to pick up the gadgets and slouch on the sofa. Rather, keep your gadgets aside and engage in the games as a family. Your kids will get the exercise and you will also get the opportunity to bond with them in an interesting and fun way.

These are some of the most effective ways in which you can keep your kids physically active while they are locked up in the house. This is a very critical time and kids are the worst hit. They are bored and frustrated and cannot even express their emotions. As parents and caregivers, you should look to engage your precious kids in ways that interest them and help them to stay active. Not only will this help them physically, but it will also do wonders for their mental health.

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