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5 Entrepreneurs to take Inspiration from

Entrepreneurs to take Inspiration from

Do you know who an entrepreneur is? Apart from the dictionary meaning, it is the one who has the dedication, guts, and ability to prove oneself. Every entrepreneur needs to have communication, problem-solving, time management, stress management, strategic thinking, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

You can find several entrepreneurs worldwide who started with hope and are now an inspiration to the world. To begin with your entrepreneurship, you shouldn’t be a millionaire or billionaire; you only need passion and dedication to excel in it.

This write-up will teach you about the five entrepreneurs you can take inspiration from. So, stick to the end and learn about the interesting stories of these entrepreneurs.

  1. Bill Gates
    Bill Gates

    Who doesn’t know this great entrepreneur? But do you know what made him so popular and successful? His passion, dedication, and hard work have brought him here.

    As a kid, Gates was always interested in technology and took his passion seriously. From school time, he began learning about hardware and software and kept on working on the school’s computer to find bugs.

    Later, he was also banned by the school from having access to their computer system because of some issues. Then Bill Gates began working with CCC, and in this way, he kept practising his skills.

    At 17, he founded Traf-O-Data by deciding to follow his passion. After that, Bill Gated, his friend, and partner Paul Allen began their startup of Microsoft. With hard work and teamwork, they made their company touch the skies.

    So, if you have a passion, then be dedicated and keep practising it. Because with hard work, you can achieve anything and everything that you want.

  2. Falguni Nayak
    Falguni Nayak

    Have you heard about Nykaa? If yes, then she is the founder of this company. This female entrepreneur from India is an inspiration for all of us.

    Falguni was an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and worked for several years in different companies. She had a well-earning job and secured a position, but her passion made her resign.

    Nykaa was founded in 2012, and this is one of those companies that witnessed 100% growth for several consecutive years. Nykaa has 1000+ luxury and beauty brands, and in the year 2021, the company’s net worth was approximately $13 billion. 

    So, if you have a plan and are ready to take that risk because you trust yourself and your thoughts, nobody can stop you from becoming successful. 

  3. John Paul Dejoria
    John Paul Dejoria

    Have you used Mitchell products? John Paul Dejoria founded Paul Mitchell’s line of hair care products.

    Do you know he is a self-made man? John started working as a truck driver and had to do several other works to earn a sufficient amount. Later, he used to work in a hair care company from where he was fired. 

    In the year 1980, he founded John Paul Mitchell Systems along with Paul Mitchell, a hairdresser. To begin with this work, John took a loan of $700, and now his company’s worth is $3.1 billion.

    So, trust the process; you can do everything if you want to.

  4. Howard Schultz
    Howard Schultz

    Do you like Starbucks? Everyone likes it. But do you know who the founder of Starbucks is? It is Howard Schultz.

    He belongs to a family that wasn’t rich and grew up in a housing estate. To seek education from his college, he took loans and also did a part-time job. He worked in a coffee company and was introduced to Starbucks. Later he joined as marketing director, and he started his coffee house.

    By then, Starbucks management was selling, so Howard bought it. Now his worth is more than several billionaires.

    So, if you dream and work on it, you can achieve it.

  5. Sophia Amoruso
    Sophia Amoruso

    She is the founder of Nasty Gel and an inspiration to several women and fashion followers.

    She began by selling her finds on eBay and scouring the racks at second-hand stores. Later, she invested her money in moving all her stock into a warehouse and used social media platforms to attract customers. 

    Within a few years, her worth was in the millions, and now she has become much more popular through her Netflix series.


Your success and life are in your hands, so if you have a dream and passion, try your best to achieve it.

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