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4 Places to Avoid till the Pandemic is Over

4 Places to Avoid till the Pandemic is Over

COVID 19 has changed the way the world works. It has affected lives in every possible way and there is still no clarity on when we will be able to live a normal life. New strains have come and gone but the risk of contracting the much-dreaded coronavirus still lingers on.

Most of the adult population is now vaccinated but still, that does not rule out the complete risk. There are some safe places where one can go and then there are some which should be completely avoided.

Though there is pandemic fatigue still there are some places that should be opted for when looking for fun activities and then there are some which should ideally be avoided till the pandemic is over. Four such places are:

  • Large Gatherings:

    Any place where there are a lot of people and where it gets difficult to stay at least 6 feet apart should be avoided. This is more for the kids and other unvaccinated people. The risk increases multiple times when there are a lot of people and when following the standard Covid protocol becomes tough. Festive celebrations and weddings are examples of such places and especially when they take place in an indoor space.

  • Playgrounds and Matches:

    The chances of the virus spreading are very high in playgrounds and where there are sporting activities. The main reason is that there are many people who come from different places and have different levels of exposure. Apart from that these places have sporting equipment and gears which are touched by many. This makes the spread of the virus easier and more in the case of people who are not vaccinated. Kids when using playgrounds should regularly sanitize their hands and avoid touching their face and nose.

  • Community Beaches and Pools:

    Getting infected with coronavirus through water is not high but the issue is that all these people tend to get overcrowded and people being in close proximity is what increases the risk. Following social distancing norms is difficult and so is wearing a mask. This increases the risk and thus, overcrowded beaches and pools should be avoided especially when the cases are on the rise.

  • Public Transportation:

    Now people are getting back to work and using public transportation. The crowding in the buses and trains and lack of social distancing increase the risk of contracting the virus. People come from different places and all have different exposure levels which increases the risk further. Avoiding public transport might not be possible, but one must avoid peak hours, maintain distance, and wear masks all the time.

There is no clarity on when will COVID go away but our safety is in our hands. We have to be more careful because our kids are still not vaccinated and are at a higher risk. Avoiding places with crowds and trying to reduce the level of exposure is the best thing that can be done. Unnecessary exposure for sure must be avoided and some precautions till the pandemic is over are needed.

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