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10 New Year’s food resolutions for 2023

food resolutions for 2023

As the year ends, the pressure of making new year’s resolutions increases significantly but sticking to those hard and unrealistic resolutions becomes harder and harder as the year goes on. Choosing one will assist you in feeling inspired and capable of keeping it, and as the year goes on, you may add on new ones! Here are 10 food-related goals for 2023 for you to select from. 

  1. Eat seasonal foods.

    It may sound obvious, but eating seasonal food is tastier, more nutritional, and more beneficial to the environment! This is due to the fact that materials cultivated during the proper season require less capital to expand abundantly and frequently require much less transportation from other regions.

  2. Make a realistic meal plan.

    Planning meals takes a lot of effort. Even though it may seem paradoxical, meal preparation will eventually spare you time. Furthermore, you’ll ultimately save money as you’ll concentrate on purchasing the foods you truly want to consume.

  3. Choose vegan food once a week.

    A vegan diet is better for the environment. Perhaps you’ve always been curious to delve into vegan cooking, or you want to try something new. A great way to experiment with it is to choose to eat vegan one day every week.

  4. More home cooking

    More home cooking satisfies both financial and nutritional goals, so it’s a win-win situation.

    You can search on the Internet or watch Youtube videos for straightforward dishes that can be prepared in under 30 minutes and require no more than six ingredients. 

  5. Take up a cooking class.

    Learning to create food has a lot of benefits for those who love it! This year, expand your culinary knowledge by taking a generic cooking class or discovering a new cuisine in your free time. 

  6. Grow your own vegetables

    On a large scale, our agricultural members feed the world; we can get involved much more modestly! A straightforward herb garden is an easy way to get the whole family involved and improve your meals! Herbs are an excellent place to start if you want to grow food, and you can do it inside.

  7. Experiment a little

    New flavour profiles for the new year! By experimenting, you can add new flavours to your family get-togethers. Try something you haven’t before, be it a vegetable or meat.

  8. Reduce food waste 

    Follow this advice to reduce food waste at home:

    • Keep a list of your usage and purchases.
    • Verify the expiration dates on fresh goods. 
    • Schedule a day to prepare food in bulk and freeze it for fast evening meals!
  9. Eat on time

    Eating on time can do a lot for the well-being of your health, energy, and sleep cycle. In order to ensure that your stomach can digest food properly, you should aim to eat every three to four hours.

  10. Begin Food composting

    Composting is incredibly beneficial for the environment and is very simple to carry out. Compost supports the growth and health of your plants while feeding all the key little creatures that are essential to our planet.


It’s not necessary to make an expensive or glittery New Year’s resolution. In fact, the biggest effects on our lives typically come from tiny changes. So give these easy-to-accomplish resolutions a try. Happy and prosperous New Year to each and every one of our readers. I hope 2023 finds you at your best!

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